Cookies Policy

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a file that is downloades to your computer when you access certain websites. Cookies allow a website, amongst other things to store and find information on people’s surfing habits, these habits allow the system to recognize the computer you’re using whenever you access the website.

 What kind of Cookies do we use?

Depending on the amount of time the remain open they can be:

  • Session Cookies: designed to recover and store data while the user has access to the website. These are used to only store data that is useful for the user in order to use the services on one occasion at a time. (for example the contents of your cart)
  •  Persistent Cookies:  These permanently store data and can be accessed and used during a longer period of time thought not indefinately. The expire and are erased. They are used during a buying process in order for us to not have to re enter data repetedly.

Depending on the company that stores the data o the domain where the Cookies are from and how Cookies are used we can know if they are:

  • Own Cookies: these are sent to your pc but only handled by us to guarantee that our site Works perfectly.
  • Third party Cookies: these are sent to your pc by a domain we do not work for, it’s a different company who will treat the data obtained from you.

When you surf our site you can install the following Cookies:

  • Registry Cookies: When you entero ut site and start a sesión a Cookies will be installed temporarily so you can access your account without having to reenter your registartion details continually, when you leave the sesión this Cookies will be erased.
  • Analitic Cookies: They are useful to study client cyber habits anonimously while surfing our site. This helps us collect stats on how many new people register or visit our site. We use this information to improve your experience and maximize our quality. They can be own Cookies or third party Cookies and also Google Analytics and Iadvice. Third party advertising Cookies: They aim to optimize publicity exposure. We store them in Google Doubleclick to collect the number of ads shown to any given user, the most interesting ads and if the advertizing sites are visited. Configuración, consulta y desactivación de cookies

You can always allow, block or eliminate Cookies installed in your pc with the configuration options shown in the search engine you have installed:

  • Chrome, from
  • Safari, from
  • Explorer, from
  • Firefox, from

Anything related to Google Cookies, weather it be analitics or advertising, administration or configuration can be seen in:


If you decide to disable Cookies we will not be able to offer you some of our services, like for instance, the content of your cart or staying identifyed while online.

Cookies Update

Our website Cookies can be used so we advize you to review our Cookies policy periodically.