Home Olé is an established Spanish Brand. Opened to the world with a mission to offer the best of Spanish manufacture and design in textiles. Our flag is the quality in locally woven textiles with fresh and varied designs to cater for every home and style.

We desire to inspire with our products a warmth and cheer of the Spanish culture and it’s impeccable performance in quality and durability. Our brand can be placed elegantly in a variety of styles and concepts from country to modern, minimalist or vintage or just Olé!!!!!

All our products are made on order, nothing is taken out of Europe to manufacture or to be designed, we take great care and every order is made especially for that one customer. Every curtain, bedspread or cushion is personal to the buyer and we treat it that way.

Our Fabrics are for sale for anyone who wishes to make their own creations for the home or compliment any of our readymade products.